Jamie Lee Curtis, Jim Carrey Blame Trump for Hawaiian Missile Scare


Actress Jamie Lee Curtis thinks she's smarter than the facts: despite all news coverage blaming the Hawaiian missile scare on a state employee's error, the woman who bared her breasts in Trading Places is trading places with reality, baring the treachery -- according to her delusional conspiracy theory -- of Donald J. Trump.

On Saturday morning, Hawaiian residents were left terrified after an error during a shift change resulted in an emergency notification that the state should prepare for an incoming missile. The message noted a "ballistic missile threat" and advised citizens to "seek shelter," ending with "this is not a drill." The mishap occurred at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, when an employee pressed the wrong button on his computer. Hawaii Governor David Ige told CNN:

"It was a mistake made during a standard procedure at the change over of a shift, and an employee pushed the wrong button."

Ige also tweeted about the 38-minute scare:

"While I am thankful this morning’s alert was a false alarm, the public must have confidence in our emergency alert system. I am working to get to the bottom of this so we can prevent an error of this type in the future."

That explanation didn't satisfy Curtis, who jumped online to actress-splain to the Twitterverse the true nature of the incident. Thank goodness for the governmental insight, political intellect, and astute sense of reality of people who are paid to speak other people's words in make-believe scenarios:

"This Hawaii missle [sic] scare is on YOU Mr. Trump. The real FEAR that mothers & fathers & children felt is on YOU. It is on YOUR ARROGANCE. HUBRIS. NARCISSISM. RAGE. EGO. IMMATURITY and your UNSTABLE IDIOCY. Shame on your hate filled self. YOU DID THIS!"

Not surprisingly, Curtis gave no explanation of how the "missle" scare could have been caused by Trump. This was probably for the best, since that task would have proved impossible. However, what was very possible was social media ridicule of Curtis's post, which was skillfully handled by numerous followers:

An excoriation of Hollywood was to be expected:

Caught in the crossfire was the product Curtis has endorsed in commercials:

Jamie Lee wasn't alone; once-funny actor Jim Carrey offered his own brand of mental-breakdown assessment:

"I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning. If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination. ;^\"


One Twitter comment included a gif which perhaps best addresses both Curtis's and Carrey's analyses of the missile scare: