James O'Keefe Exposes Grimes As A Fraud Regarding Coal Beliefs

"Politics is a game."

James O’Keefe, the man who took down ACORN and crossed the Mexican border dressed as Osama Bin Laden, has now exposed yet another flaw in the democratic ranks, this time taking aim at Kentucky Democratic Senatorial candidate Alison Grimes.

Grimes, who has continuously told voters that she “is not Barack Obama” due to her stance on coal, will now have her work cut out for her, after O’Keefe’s Project Veritas “went undercover in multiple Grimes campaign offices to determine if her opposition to the core principles of her own political party is genuine or an intentional deception.”

The video shows 5 different undercover reporters talking to 5 different campaigners and local Democratic Party members admitting that Grimes does not support the Kentucky coal industry. 

In a recent ad released by Grimes, she says, “Let me set it straight for you Mitch McConnell. I am the pro-coal candidate in this race,” but the new video by O’Keefe tells a different story.

One of the undercover reporters asks in the video, “If we can get her elected do you think she is going to do the right thing and she’s gonna try to wipe out that coal industry and go for better resources?”

“I absolutely think she is,” said Gina Bess, a Fayette County Democratic Party affiliate.

Another campaigner, Juanita Rodriguez from the Warren County Democrat Party said, “She has to say that,” she said. “But you know what? Politics is a game. You do what you have to do to get…It’s a lying game, unfortunately.”

Rasmussen is reporting that McConnell already has a lead over Grimes.