Ivanka Posts Sweet Pics of Father/Son Fishing, Left Finds Reason to Hate

Leftists have to squint hard to be offended.

You probably didn’t even notice. Look again at the pic above. Do you see the “problem?”

If you’re an anti-Trump leftist you sure did. Among four post-Christmas family pics Ivanka Trump posted to Twitter, one has caused panic across the progressive web. Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner is fishing with their son and posing with the catch. But a second photo in the series has something in the background that some thought was sending a subtle, or perhaps not-so-subtle, message.



A passing boat was flying two flags: one U.S. flag and a Confederate flag. Self-described “liberal White House press veteran” Tommy Christopher quickly jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon:



Others joined in:









At least one leftist said she'd never be out on the open water next to someone flying a flag like that. Proof she's never been out on the water, like ever: