'It's OK to be White' Signs Shine Light on Campus Bias

It is shameful that anyone would use these posters to promote a racist agenda.

Signs and stickers proclaiming that "It's ok to be white" have been popping up on college campuses and, somehow, that message is being taken as racist and divisive. One has to be fairly biased against white people to consider a statement saying that its ok to be the race that you are to be in any way offensive or problematic. Why would it be inherently not ok to be of any race, unless the person making that distinction was viewing the race in question through a racist lens? The fact that so many colleges have an issue with it just show the bizarre amount of bias on campus. 

The idea was thought up by the anonymous website 4Chan, which instructed people to post these signs on campuses to drive people "completely berserk," according to College Fix. Their goal was to show normal people how far these liberals, and the journalists who cover for them, are from reality. In the end, 4chan expects “massive victory for the right in the culture war" resulting from the inevitable freakout over completely uninteresting signs. Colleges like Harvard, Princeton, Tulane, Western Washington, Auburn, the University of Kansas and Concordia College have had the signs appear, as well as a couple in Canada. They are immediately removed by students or faculty once they're found. 

“I am deeply disgusted that this organized online campaign to divide university communities across the country has come to our campus. It is shameful that anyone would use these posters to promote a racist agenda,” University of Kansas’ student body president, Mady Womack, told the Kansan. It is unclear to me how it's racist to say it's ok to be the race you were born. The signs don't suggest any race is better than another, or that discrimination is ok. However, the school still had an "emergency meeting" over it.

At the University of Alberta, they considered the message racist, too. “The university is aware of several incidents of racism that have occurred on north campus in recent days… Messaging or displays that target or marginalize any individuals or groups will not be tolerated. We are working with University of Alberta Protective Services to find the parties responsible,” President David Turpin said in a statement. Again, it's unclear how it marginalizes anyone. Harvard Law Dean of Students Marcia L. Sells called the message a "provocation" (of what?) intended to divide us from one another." How so? 

On social media, people argued that it is, in fact, not ok to be white.

Only Concordia president William Craft acted like a thinking human being. “The affirmation of human dignity means that we are an inclusive community: there is and must be a place here for people of different ethnicities and skin colors, of different faith traditions or no faith traditions, of different nations, of different gender identities, of different political convictions,” he said on Facebook. “In that sense, it is indeed okay to be white—and to be black, to be brown, to be Christian, to be Muslim, to be straight, to be gay, to be conservative, to be liberal, and so on. We are stronger for this diversity of identities.” Let's hope he keeps his job. 

Fox News's Tucker Carlson pointed out that the people posting the signs aren't the ones being divisive. “That it’s not okay to be white? Being white by the way is not something you can control. Like any ethnicity you’re born with it which is why you shouldn’t attack people for it and yet the left does constantly in case you haven’t noticed. So who’s sowing racial division here? They ought to stop. These things never end well,” Carlson said

So, let's all agree that it's cool to be whatever color you are and get on with the business of judging people by the content of their character, shall we?