It's Hillary's Fault! Hosts of 'The Cycle' Blame Obamacare Issues on Everyone (Except Obama)

On Wednesday's episode of MSNBC's The Cycle three of the four hosts engaged in a friendly disagreement as to who was at fault for the President's "you can keep your plan" lie. Touré contended it was Hillary Clinton's fault because the Obama plan was designed to be the opposite of the one she came up with during her husband's administration. 

Krystal Ball felt that Obama wasn't being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk (she never explained exactly why she believed the President was being a jerk), and Ari Melber seemed to blame things on the middle and upper class folks who never gave a crap about anyone who was in the individual market.  

Strangely not one of the three placed the blame on the person who lied to the American people: President Obama.


I mean, when the President -- the former President is saying about the Obamacare plan is kind of laughable. The reason why Obama and his folks went in this direction is because the major problem with the Clinton plan was they said everybody's health care will be changed. That's what the Hillarycare idea was. And they realized that’s not going to work so Obama and them went in the opposite direction because they knew saying everybody’s plan is going to change would never get through.  And now you have this sort of keep your crappy health plan idea bill from the Republicans. It's like just one attack after another. We start with Darrel Issa, the number one hater in the house of Republicans.


I think there's one thing we need to understand here too. It's not like the President doesn't want people to keep their health insurance and trying to be a jerk to be a jerk about this. If there was a way you could under the law make this work so people could keep the thing they wanted to keep, he would do it. The problem is this whole law was designed to have as little disruption as possible. This was the minimum amount of disruption possible. If you change this piece and Bill Clinton is engaging in basically magical thinking, you can snap your fingers and say go ahead, keep what you got --


Most of the health care industry in this company is based on employer based plans, that's the middle and upper class concern, most of these people, including whoever our friends at the Country Music Awards, to the Republicans in the Wall Street Journal editorial board, never gave a crap about anyone in this non-employer based market.