Israel’s New Ambassador to UN Is Courageous Truth-Teller

"Netanyahu has chosen well."

While the left in Israel condemned the decision, one of the largest American Jewish organizations, The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) today issued a statement supporting the appointment of Danny Danon as Israel's Ambassador to United Nations.

Morton Klein, President of ZOA noted,

The ZOA congratulates Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his inspired selection of Minister Danny Danon as Israel's new Ambassador to the United Nations. ZOA also congratulates Danny Danon for being appointed to this critically important post. It is especially critical during this time of increased and inappropriate hostility to Israel around the world. Because of the catastrophe of the nuclear deal with the anti-Semitic anti-American Islamic Republic of Iran, the UN post takes on a larger role than it has in many, many years.

Danny is a principled and courageous promoter of the truth of the ongoing Arab war against Israel. All must understand: truth is not a political position. Minister Danon's love of Israel and commitment to Israel is unparalleled. He has boundless energy and will pursue any and every legitimate avenue that can bring about a true peace. 

At a difficult and dangerous time like this - we need a fearless and principled truth-teller. Danny Danon is that man. And, Danny Danon will surprise many. He will be and knows how to be a diplomatic spokesman for Israel. I am proud of Danny Danon; I am proud to call him my friend; Prime Minister Netanyahu has chosen well.

A confidant to Danon was quoted in JP Updates as saying,

All of this noise from the left about Danon being named to the UN is a lot of noise about nothing. There’s a center-right government in Israel, and Danon is the head of the governing body of the Likud. He is an accomplished, serious politician who will do wonders for Israel while in the United States. Danon is someone who can and will make a difference for Israel in the United States. This is a man who was educated in the United States, who speaks perfect English and is regularly in the international media defending Israel.

It has been noted that this appointment moves Israel’s Ambassador, Ron Dermer to the United States closer to the center – although he remains persona non grata at the Obama White House.