Israel’s Minister of Education Boycotts American Jewish Extremists

Israel is the good guy in the Middle East. The boycotts must stop.

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister of Education recently noted he urged a boycott of the extremist American Jewish organization The New Israel Fund, which sends $30 million annually to Israel – and openly boycotts Israel.

He explains why:

“Naomi Chazan, while she was still President of the New Israel Fund, called the start of the Operation Cast Lead an IDF “slaughter” (!) of the Palestinians, which “caused the deaths of hundreds”. Please note, a Jewish Israeli woman called the actions of our soldiers in Gaza, while our soldiers were still risking their lives fighting in Gaza, a “slaughter”.

Hassan Jabarin, CEO and founder of “Adalah”, an organization of “New Israel Fund”, and a graduate of their law program, sent an expert opinion (!) to the Spanish court to back up claims of war crimes against Israeli officers, including Dan Halutz, Moshe Ya’alon, Giora Eiland and other high-level Israeli security officials.

Dr. Yishai Menuhin, CEO of the Public Committee Against Torture, another organization of the New Israel Fund, said: “IDF soldiers are committing war crimes – and all those who take part should wait for his time in court, and if not this country so he should be put on trial abroad.”
Lizi Sagi, who was director of intelligence for B’Tzelem, supported by the NIF, said: “The state of Israel actually proves its adherence to the values of Nazism”, “We are ready to kill 1,500 people regardless of race, religion or gender, as long as our national erection will continue. Israeli tanks have turned into Israeli Viagra” and “For me, Israeli Memorial Day is a big sin, its purpose has become a pornographic coronation circus of bereavement”

Michael Sefrad – The attorney from Yesh Din, supported by the NIF, said that the “targeted killing policy is a crime against humanity… international law requires all countries to investigate and try them if there is sufficient evidence. If not in Israel, then it can be in England. If not the Supreme Court, it should be the House of Lords.”

The Goldstone Report, that accused Israel of war crimes, received over 90% (!) of their information against Israel and the IDF from Israeli non-governmental organizations that were funded by the New Israel Fund. Please note, this is information that was used to accuse IDF soldiers of war crimes.

Here is what they said in the NIF report:

Breaking the Silence, page 180 of the report: “… Israel’s armed forces repeatedly opened fire on civilians who did not take part in the conflict …”

B’Tselem, page 301: “… the security forces are abusing their power, and continue to abuse Palestinians and beat them, including minors …”

Physicians for Human Rights, page 177: “… it seems the fundamental motivation of the attack on the Gaza Strip … is to create terror without mercy on anyone …”

Israel is the good guy in the Middle East – and those who advocate a boycott of Israel such as The Jewish Communal Fund, The Jim Joseph Foundation, The Lopatin Family Foundation and others must stop harming Israel.