Israeli Radical Left Portray Israeli TV Anchor as Nazi

A vile photomontage depicts the editor-in-chief and anchor as Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.

As Truth Revolt reported last week, three Israeli left-wing extremists were arrested following a series of televised investigations which showed an Israeli activist with “Rabbis for Human Rights,” Ezra Nawi - a convicted pedophile - working to entrap and hand over Palestinians to the PA for execution for selling land to Jews.

The investigative program Uvda aired on Israel Channel 2 – and in response, as Israel National News reported today on Facebook, anti-Israel New Israel Fund-related organizations have distributed “a vile Facebook photomontage [which] depicts the program's editor-in-chief and anchor, Ilana Dayan, as Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, receiving a bouquet from Hitler.”

The extreme left created the photo to protest Dayan airing such a program – and in the left-wing newspaper, Dayan has been compared to the East German STASI secret police.

Channel 20, which seeks to become a right-wing alternative to Channel 2, shared the photo with its readers on Facebook and warned that

"[t]he radical Left has lost its brakes. The Israel Police needs to restore order there and quickly, before someone gets hurt."

Notably, the radical left has defended Nawi’s actions – as he remains under house arrest.