Israel Disappears from US Visa Service List of Countries

Otherwise Palestinians would be offended.

Apparently the U.S. State Department prefers to pretend Israel doesn’t exist than offend the Arab world by asserting that it does.

United With Israel reports that on the official U.S. Visa Service for foreign citizens website, both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem appear as not listed under any country.

In fact, when one clicks through to either the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem links, both go to the same page – one that again does not refer to Israel.

The site -- “The Official Visa Information and Appointment system for the Embassy of the United States in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem” -- appears to have been outsourced by the US government to another firm,Yatri, but it definitely is the official site.

As United With Israel puts it,

It is true that the US consulate in Jerusalem is mainly concerned with Palestinian Arab affairs. But it is more offensive to eliminate Israel altogether than it would be for the site to say “Israel and the Palestinian territories.”

But if Israel would be mentioned then the implication here is that Palestinian Arabs would be far more upset than Israelis would be for pretending Israel doesn’t exist. So this site used by the US embassies and consulates worldwide decided it is better to offend Israelis by pretending it doesn’t exist than to offend Palestinians by saying Israel does exist.

United With Israel concludes that the US Visa Service website "is a perfect example of Western dhimmitude — so sensitive to the possibility of upsetting Muslims that it pro-actively offends non-Muslims."