Israel Consul General: US Must Hold Palestinians Accountable

"Rather than recognizing Israel, it's joining an organization that's committed to our destruction."

​On Thursday, TruthRevolt Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro interviewed Consul General of Israel David Siegel on his KTTH AM 770 Seattle radio show about the recent reconciliation deal between the Palestinian Authority (PA), Fatah, and Hamas that Prime Minister Netanyahu labeled a backward step towards peace.

Counsel General Siegel stressed that while Israel is disappointed in Mahmoud Abbas' decision they are not surprised at all. "We did hope that now was a time that he and his leadership would cross that rubicon and want to make that final decision and recognize Israel as a Jewish state," Siegel said. "Rather than recognizing Israel, it's joining an organization that's committed to our destruction."

Despite the disappointing blow to potential peace, Siegel did express hope the Palestinian Authority would change course so that peace talks could resume. As it stands, however, Siegel exclaimed the Palestinian Authority want to have their cake and eat it too, meaning they want to put a mask up to the world of being "pro-peace" while seeking Israel's destruction behind closed doors. "If they can have it both ways, they will take both ways," he said. "We need to make sure that the world, that means the U.N. and Europeans, all stick up to what they've said previously, that Hamas is a terrorist organization, Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a terrorist organization, and that this [Palestinian Authority] cannot be."

Siegel also reminded Shapiro and his listeners that Hamas has routinely committed war crimes, engaged in deeply anti-Semitic activity, and has even killed American citizens.

In regards to the potential consequences Israel may face if they refuse to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority such as boycotts and divestment, Siegel made it perfectly clear that Israel will not negotiate with a terrorist backed government.

The most important factor in getting Abbas to change course according to Siegel is making sure the world does not side with his actions. "If [Abbas] feels the world is with him, then he's probably going to choose the easiest path," he said. "If we see him facing a roadblock, in the sense that the United States, the international system, and Israel put a very clear price tag on the table for this type of behavior, then hopefully we'll see a change."