Islam Attacks, Left Blames All Religion

"Imagine All the Stupid People"

In the aftermath of the awful terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday by radical Islamists, leftist atheists have been using the atrocity as another rallying cry to eradicate all religion, refusing to point their crosshairs at Islam itself, but at Christianity.

True to comedian Evan Sayet's masterful prediction that leftists will inevitably side with "wrong over right, evil over good, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success" at every moral junction, they have been targeting religion relentlessly since Friday. Below are just some samples of current headlines:

  1. Paris Attacks: Why Islam and Christianity are Twin Religions.”[The Conversation AU]
  2. “How Religion Can Unleash Humanity’s Violent Impulses.” [Raw Story]
  3. “Can Atheism Replace Religion?” [Huffington Post]
  4. “Freedom from Religion: Maybe a Good Idea.” [Patheos]
  5. “In Light of the Paris Attacks, is it Time to Eradicate Religion?” [Washington Post] 

On Saturday, as mourners gathered outside the Bataclan in Paris – the same venue as the terrorist attacks – an unknown French musician set up a piano painted with a giant peace sign and began singing John Lennon's "Imagine," which should be actually titled "Imagine All the Stupid People," considering the song's call for the elimination of countries, possessions - and all religion. Except that it wasn't Christians - or for that matter, Buddhists, Hindus, or even Wiccans - whose ideology drove them to slaughter nearly 130 people last weekend in Paris. 

The atheistic left hates Christianity because it is not man-centered and it imposes a moral standard that makes it inconvenient for people to justify behavior such as, say, killing their own children in the womb. And the left's moral equivalence leads them to view Christianity and the much less liberal, much more theocratic Islam as equally reprehensible. But Christians don't throw hand grenades into a concert crowd or open fire on restaurant-goers, as happened last Friday night. Christians worship a carpenter whose most violent act was whipping a pack of religious hypocrites ripping off the poor, not a warlord who murdered and pillaged his way across the Middle East to spread his ideology.  

But since the left wants to play this game of which ideology makes men violent, below are just a few quotes from some of their best patrons:

"Just being human doesn't give you a right to live." - Princeton Professor (and staunch vegan) Peter Singer

"So what if abortion ends life?" – Salon columnist Mary Elizabeth Williams

"I don't want peace with Christianity or their apologists, I want war." – New Atheist Christopher Hitchens

"A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate." – Che Guevara