ISIS Releases New Video about Paris Attacks

"...the nine lions of the khilafah.."

Terror group ISIS has released a new video of the extremists that carried out the deadly attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. The video "shows the extent of planning that went into the massacre, and other atrocities the monsters committed before the slaughter."

The video was shot in ISIS territory somewhere in Syria and shows the terrorists beheading prisoners and shooting a captive.

Seven of the nine Paris militants, including a 20-year-old who was the youngest of the group, were filmed standing behind tied-up captives, described as “apostates.”

“Soon on the Champs-Elysées,” says Samy Amimour, who was raised in a Paris suburb near the French national stadium, as he holds a captive’s head aloft.

The video also threatens Britain and Prime Minister David Cameron.

Intelligence obtained by European security agencies indicated ISIS was aiming to attack the United Kingdom in a follow-up to its Paris operation, according to CNN.

"The following are the final messages of the nine lions of the khilafah who were mobilized from their dens to bring an entire country -- France -- to her knees," the video reads.

A spokesman for the French government said they are studying the video but would not comment on its substance.