ISIS Propaganda Video Taunts USA, 'Bring It On,' Mocks Soldier Suicides

"We will drown all of you in blood."

ISIS has released a new propaganda video threat to the United States with an American voiceover that taunts, "Bring it on."

Not only does the video call the US weak in its resolve to defeat ISIS, it mocks the 18 soldiers a day that commit suicide saying it is because jihadists haunt the American soldier's dreams.

The video claims that ISIS's territory is "already greater than Britain, eight times the size of Belgium, and thirty times the size of Qatar." It is stated that their confidence rests in the backing of the Quran and the Muslim god Allah. 

With that as a backdrop, the voiceover mocks the "secular" US for being built on "manmade laws" and using soldiers who fight for "the interests of legislators, liars, fornicators, corporations, and for the freedoms of sodomites." Pictures of Obama, John Kerry, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton appear for each category.

We are men, honored with Islam, who climbed its peak to perform jihad, answering the call to unite under one flag. This is the source of our glory, our obedience to our lord. We are uncompromising in our call to tawhid [singularity of their god]. We only bow to Allah.

Pushing harder, images of depressed soldiers appear, overlaid with graphics of bloody headshots, as the voiceover mocks:

America, you claim to have the greatest army history has known. You may have the numbers and weapons, but your soldiers lack the will and resolve, still scarred from their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq. They returned dead or suicidal, with over 6,500 of them killing themselves each year. 

So, while you go around cooking the facts on the results of your military airstrikes, we continue to haunt the minds of your soldiers and sew fear into their hearts, with 18 of your soldiers committing suicide each day, before you've even advanced.

It goes on to say that America's $6 trillion price tag on the "war against Muslims" has made them "too weak to put boots on the ground." Instead, they ridicule the US military for spending $250,000 a pop on Maverick missiles to launch at them from the air "while we send your proxies to hell with .50 cent bullets."

A Quran prophecy quoted in the video gives them confidence to boldly declare to "the global coalition against the Islamic state," including Russia, Iran, and others in the West:

Bring it on! All of you. Your numbers only increase us in faith, and we're counting your banners, which our prophet said would reach 80 in number and then the flames of war will finally burn you on the hills of death. Bring it on! … our ally is Allah.

Watch the entire video below via Daily Mail:



Bonus Thanksgiving threat from ISIS -- "We will drown all of you in blood:"