IRS Can't Comply With Subpoenas Because Of Obamacare

You heard him.

At last night's hearing over the missing IRS emails, a lot of news was made and a lot of copy produced regarding the specific emails and the specific policies of the IRS regarding those emails as pertains to the scandal over the targeting of conservative groups. One tidbit of testimony, or perhaps we can call it a smidgen, was all shades of things to come.

During questioning, IRS Commissioner Koskinen was discussing the budget and how it affected the agency's ability to maintain proper record-keeping and, consequently,  complying with subpoenas for said records, when he made this frightening admission:

The IT budget has been cut by over $100 million dollars over the last four years. This year's budget for 2014 required $300 million dollars just for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The Congress provided us zero. That meant that that $300 million dollars to implement a statutory mandate had to be taken from other IT programs.

That's right: the IT department is failing at doing its job properly because money was taken from it for Obamacare. That's according to the IRS itself, not some Republican interest group. Koskinen also stated earlier this year that the IRS is not prepared to handle the volume of phone calls relating to the ACA. Now they can't handle the IT load either. Neither of these issues approaches the full scope of the administration of Obamacare. 

The agency that can't even handle backing up its data in accordance with its own policies and is ill-equipped technologically for a system proven to be a technology nightmare and doesn't have the ability to even handle the phone calls of Americans is going to be in charge of your healthcare. 

Good luck, America. Just remember one thing: if you have a problem, DON'T EMAIL THEM about it.