Iran Unveils More Deadly Solid Fuel Missiles

"[W]e will sell weapons to anywhere we deem necessary."

Iran proudly unveiled Saturday its new and improved short-range solid fuel ballistic missile, declaring defiantly that the regime will ignore UN resolutions and "sell weapons to anywhere we deem necessary."

The openly anti-America, anti-Israel regime, which remains the world's leading sponsor of state terrorism, touted its upgraded missile as having a longer range and being more capable of pinpointing targets. The unveiling of the missile was broadcast on Iran state television. AP reports

The surface-to-surface Fateh-313, or Conqueror, was unveiled at a ceremony marking Defense Industry Day and attended by President Hassan Rouhani, who said military might was necessary to achieve peace in the volatile Middle East.

State television showed footage of the missile being fired from an undisclosed location. The missile is a newer version of Fateh-110 and has a quicker launch capability, a longer lifespan and can strike targets with pinpoint accuracy within a 500-kilometer (310-mile) range, the report said.

The Obama administration-led nuclear deal with Iran lifts sanctions collectively worth an estimated $100-150 billion, which the Obama administration itself admits will likely be used to further its sponsorship of terror in the region. As AP notes, though U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231 requires Iran not to develop ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, Iran simply claims that their missiles aren't intended to hold nukes.

Rouhani reiterated yet again Saturday that Iran will ignore any resolutions restricting its development and distribution of weapons.

"We will buy weapons from anywhere we deem necessary," Rouhani announced on national television Saturday. "We won't wait for anybody's permission or approval and won't look at any resolution. And we will sell weapons to anywhere we deem necessary."

"Can we be indifferent … when there are special circumstances on our eastern, western, northern and southern borders," the Iranian Supreme Leader said.  "How can a weak country unable to stand up to the military power of neighbors, rivals and enemies achieve peace?"

The defiant speech ended a week in which President Obama's deeply unpopular Iran deal took another hit after AP revealed that a "secret agreement" between the U.N. and Iran allowed the the regime to inspect its own nuclear site. 

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