Iran Tries to Humiliate US Again: Releases Pictures of Captured American Sailor Crying

Thank you again, Obama.

Iran is out to humiliate the United States once again simply because it knows it can. Despite reaping the benefit of loosened sanctions and an ability to reengage with world leaders, the Islamic Republic is doing what it has always done -- play both sides.  

In yet another attempt to demean the U.S. and make a mockery of the Obama administration, Iran has released new photographs taken after the regime captured ten of our U.S. sailors. The photos features one sailor crying. 

The FreeBeacon reports that the photos and an accompanying video were released by Iranian state-controlled media and shared by Iranian reporters on Twitter Wednesday. What's more: 

The U.S. military disclosed after the incident that the sailors were held at gunpoint and that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps removed SIM cards and other technology from them.

The Obama administration, including Secretary of State John Kerry, has praised and thanked Iran for the way it treated the captured sailors, who were released by Iranian authorities the following morning.

It is abundantly clear that Iran, like most all Islamic regimes, has zero respect for America under the current administration. Islamic cultures respect strength, not capitulation. They respect fortitude, not peace talks. As soon as acquiescence -- or even the mere hint of it -- is detected, an Islamic regime will take full advantage of that weakness.

Given this much is by now obvious, we can only believe that President Obama has acted knowingly and with deliberate intent to allow the U.S. to be undermined, mocked and taken advantage of, thus lowering our standing in the world even more. 

Being held captive by a brutal Islamic regime tops the list of worst-case scenarios in life -- certainly one that would make even the hardest man tearful. We wish our sailors all the best and only that they had a president who would not have allowed an incident like this to happen to them in the first place.