Iran Commander: 'I Saw the Weakness, Cowardice, and Fear of American Soldiers Myself'

America's nuclear partner further humiliates its military.

Iran is in full propaganda mode after capturing and releasing 10 U.S. soldiers for allegedly entering its territorial waters in the Persian Gulf last week. 

State-run media has continued to capitalize on the moment by releasing video of one of the soldiers apologizing for their "mistake," as well as other humiliating videos and photos showing the soldiers surrendering to the Iranians and then later, in captivity. All of which are argued to be a violation of the Geneva Convention by attorney and National Review columnist David French.

Now, an Iranian commander is stepping forward with a claim that his unit witnessed the American soldiers crying after their arrest and speaks of their "cowardice" and "weakness." From The Washington Free Beacon:

"I saw the weakness, cowardice, and fear of American soldiers myself. Despite having all of the weapons and equipment, they surrendered themselves with the first action of the guardians of Islam,” Ahmad Dolabi, an IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] commander, said in Persian-language remarks at a prayer service in Iran’s Bushehr providence.

“American forces receive the best training and have the most advanced weapons in the world,” he added. “But they did not have the power to confront the Guard due to weakness of faith and belief.”

Dolabi added, “We gave all of the weapons and equipment to American forces according to an Islamic manner. They formally apologized to the Islamic Republic. Be certain that with the blood of martyrs, the revolution advances. No one can inflict the smallest insult upon our Islamic country.”

Hossein Salami, the IRGC's deputy commander, told the press, “American sailors started crying after arrest, but the kindness of our Guard made them feel calm.” He went on to brag that no other country has been able to arrest American military personnel since the end of WWII. 

And what did the Obama administration do in response to all of this from its nuclear partner? Thanked the jihadists for such good treatment of our soldiers.