Iowa's Young Voters Flee from Hillary, Turn to Bernie

Only 14% of younger voters supported Hillary.

Although the fate of the Iowa caucuses remain undecided, it's clear that Senator Bernie Sanders managed to pull together an impressive showing against former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

One way he did it was by appealing to the younger cohort. Exit polls reveal, "younger Democratic voters aged 17 to 29 voted for Sanders at an astounding 84% clip."

Just a fraction of those voters, 14% gave their support to Clinton. 

More notable is that Sanders is more popular with younger voters than President Obama was in 2008. "In the 2008 caucuses, the youngest Democratic voters ended up voting for Obama at a 57% clip. Clinton's share among that group was similar: 11%. The rest of the share went to other Democratic candidates."

Hillary drew her support from the 65+ crowd, winning 69% of that age group. Even among 45-64 age group, the advantage went to Clinton.

Sanders spoke with Chris Cuomo on CNN Tuesday morning and asked the Vermont Senator how he would address older voters. He replied, "My message is: Check my record. You will find that there is no United States senator who has been stronger on senior issues," Sanders said.