Iowa Slipping Away from Hillary

Sanders closing in, could win first state

The unthinkable could happen to Hillary Clinton less than a month from now: the presumed Democratic nominee could lose Iowa, according to recent polls. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll puts challenger Bernie Sanders at 45% support to Clinton's 48% support, while the latest American Research Group poll puts Sanders ahead 47% to 44%.

The Iowa Caucuses take place on February 1 while New Hampshire, the second state to vote, holds its primary on February 9. At this point Sanders leads in the Granite State, the neighbor to his home state of Vermont.

Even The New York Times has noted that Clinton is now taking a sharper tone when talking about Sanders, calling her opponent out by name and trashing his policies:

Mrs. Clinton also looked to repel criticism from Mr. Sanders that she is a patron of the rich, unveiling a “fair share surcharge” that would impose a new tax on people who earn more than $5 million a year. Her campaign estimated that raising the income tax on the wealthy by 4 percentage points would generate $150 billion in revenues over 10 years.

On health care, Mrs. Clinton said that she wanted to build upon the Affordable Care Act, while Mr. Sanders wanted to scrap it in favor of a universal health plan that would empower the states – and potentially Republican governors who she says cannot be trusted. This, along with the Vermont senator’s other progressive policies, would require raising taxes on more than just the rich, she argued.  

Clinton placed third in the 2008 Democratic Caucuses behind Barack Obama in first place and John Edwards in second.