Iowa Senate Candidate's Insult Backfires

Democrat Bruce Braley tried to slam Charles Grasley, slammed home state instead

An Iowa Congressman warned a group of trial attorneys that, if the Democrats lose the Senate in the 2014 elections, "a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school" would be the new head of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Democrat Bruce Braley's remarks are a reference to longtime Republican Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, who would ascend to the Committee's chair if the Republicans retake the Senate. The remarks were caught on video, and have captured the attention of the internet, in Iowa and elsewhere.

Iowa's Des Moines Register has the video on its website, which it compares to other political gaffes caught on tape, like Mitt Romney's 47% comment.

The article accompanying the video quotes local political expert David Yepsen who says "This is bad for Braley and it will hurt him. Chuck Grassley is a political icon,” and notes the popular Iowa Republican's numerous responsibilities in the Senate now as the Judiciary Committee's ranking member, including the committee's work with the courts, consumer rights, immigration and border security, antitrust laws, criminal law, and privacy technology.