Internal Memo from State Dept. Shows Hilary Banning Use of Personal Email

A cable from the State Department in 2011 shows "that that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's office told employees not to use personal email for security reasons -- while at the same time, Clinton conducted all government business on a private account." The cable was obtained by Fox News.

The cable was sent to consular and diplomatic staff and bears Clinton's electronic signature. The message says to:

"avoid conducting official Department business from your personal e-mail accounts." The message also said employees should not "auto-forward Department email to personal email accounts which is prohibited by Department policy.”

Earlier this week it was revealed that Clinton did not ever use her government email address to conduct business, using her own personal email account she had set up prior to taking her post as head of the State Department. None of Clinton's communicates were archived by the government, although Clinton's team turned over 55,000 selected emails to the State Department.