Internal Documents at Energy Dept Scrubbed of Climate Change So Trump Won’t Cut Programs

Time to smoke out the moles.

According to a report at The Daily Caller, some Department of Energy employees have been scrubbing the term “climate change” from internal documents so that President Trump won’t cut the program.

This shocking claim was announced on a podcast called This American Life produced by David Kestenbaum. He said an anonymous female employee “Laura,” voiced by an actress on the podcast, said she and fellow employees have been “going through all their internal documents that describe ongoing projects and just scrubbing them, deleting the parts where it says ‘and here’s how this can help us combat climate change.’” 

By doing so, renewable energy programs suddenly become “jobs program[s],” said Kestenbaum. If “climate change” is removed from these documents, it won’t draw negative attention from the administration, the producer added.

As the DC noted, “Laura” said her and her friends “cried” after Trump won and had been secretly scrubbing the DoE documents since his inauguration. Though she’s a strong advocate for man-made climate change, the employee doesn’t care if the document mentions that as long as the programs remain intact.

Part of the reason the rogue operation was launched was because a leaked transition memo mentioned targeting DoE employees who were involved with the UN climate summit and other carbon issues. There was fear that “Trump would delete public climate databases,” as the report states. The Trump administration said that memo was never approved.

Another employee who provided the pseudonym “Karen” hoped the efforts would slow Trump down:

“Withholding information is one way you slow things down. The bureaucracy is large, there’s a lot of paperwork, a lot of steps, and people that have been in government a long time understand those steps really well. So, some of those tactics may be used to make things go a lot slower.”

“Laura” began her career in the government under President Obama and plans to say for at least a term under Trump.