Insurers: Obamacare Enrollment Shrinking

Statistics from top insurers indicate that enrollment in Obamacare is declining, hence we have heard little from the administration since the "8 million sign ups" figure was celebrated back in April. Investors Business Daily writes, "Reality, evidence suggests, could require quite a come-down from those lofty claims."

The nation's third-largest health insurer had 720,000 people sign up for exchange coverage as of May 20, a spokesman confirmed to IBD. At the end of June, it had fewer than 600,000 paying customers. Aetna expects that to fall to "just over 500,000" by the end of the year.

That would leave Aetna's paid enrollment down as much as 30% from that May sign-up tally.

CEO Mark Bertolini said in a July 29the conference call:

"I think we will see some attrition ... We're already seeing it. And we expect that to continue through the end of the year."