Infuriating: Gun ‘Expert’ on NBC Doesn’t Know How Guns Work

And she’s a former Secret Service agent?

You are about to hear one of the dumbest and infuriating comments on guns you’ll hear all day.

Evy Poumpouras, a correspondent and security analyst for NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and HLN, was invited on NBC to give expert opinion on the assassination attempt of congressional Republicans on Wednesday. This former Secret Service agent under President Obama and current cast member on the CBS show Hunted inaccurately described how semiautomatic rifles and pistols function. Her remarks are what continue pushing the narrative that assault rifles are somehow more deadly than other firearms.

“[The suspect] had a rifle, semiautomatic is what we’re hearing,” Poumpouras said. “So, this person is coming with the intent to not kill one person, but many people.”

Right. Here’s a question for the “expert:” Has there been a mass shooting scenario where a gunman brought a weapon loaded with only one bullet? Because usually they bring bullets — with an “s” — with hopes of mass carnage, no matter the weapon of choice. A pistol can shoot just as “many people” as a rifle and not render them any less dead. So, why is she so shocked that the suspect brought extra ammo?

“Again, very typical of what we see in these shootings,” Poumpouras said. “They come with these weapons, not just a pistol, but these large weapons — these weapons that can fire lots of rounds — military-grade weapons and ammo. And had he not been shot by police, he likely would have done more damage.”

One of the NBC News host wanted to draw from Poumpouras’s “familiarity” with guns — something he said she has above the home viewers. This is where the gun “expert” loses all credibility and shows she’s not familiar at all with how guns work:

“So, the difference is, a pistol can fire one round at a time — pop…   pop…   pop — which is what the Capitol police were carrying. This individual had a rifle. Semiautomatic means that you can switch it to a point where it fires pop-pop-pop-pop, multiple rounds.”

But see, semiautomatic rifles don’t have a “switch” to make them machine guns; not legal ones, anyway. She later realized her error and posted a message with a terrible excuse on Twitter:

No one is buying it. Nice try, though: