Illegal Alien Teen Lied About Age to Get Tax-Funded Abortion

This is Obama's fault.

An illegal alien teenage girl was released from U.S. custody on Tuesday evening after it was discovered she lied about her age to federal authorities.

Known as “Jane Roe” in court documents, the girl claimed to be 17 when she was arrested at the Mexico border last month. After a government-provided doctor discovered she was in her second trimester of pregnancy, Roe demanded an abortion. As an unaccompanied minor, Roe would’ve been eligible for a tax-funded abortion and was well on her way to receiving one until a birth certificate from her home country revealed her true age. Roe is 19 and lied about it in order to take advantage of the more lenient rules for minors, which would include a free (to her) abortion.

She was transferred from the Office of Refugee Resettlement to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and subsequently released into the community — but apparently not back to Mexico. Now, if she wants an abortion, she will have to pay for it herself.

This case is not to be confused with the high-profile Jane Doe case in Texas from October, where a 17-year-old illegal alien received a tax-funded abortion with the help of the ACLU, which is also representing Roe and yet another supposedly 17-year-old alien; also pregnant and seeking an abortion.

Apparently, Jane Doe paved the way after winning her “free” abortion and now a whole host of Janes are coming to get their freebies. The American Civil Liberties Union is totally fine with that:

"The ACLU will keep fighting until this dystopian policy is struck down, and we have justice for every Jane.”

The Department of Homeland Security is overwhelmed by the surge of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) coming into the U.S., says Center for Immigration Studies director Jessica Vaughan. She says more and more UACs are lying about their ages when stopped at the borders.

“They use this as a way to get into the United States and live here for years after having gamed the system this way,” Vaghan said. “I believe under the previous administration it wasn’t very important to them to find out whether the person was telling the truth about their age. They were more interested in releasing people as quickly as possible.”

Thanks, Obama. 

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