Illegal Alien Drunk Driving Killer Back in U.S. Four Days After Deportation

Arrested where hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have entered the country.

A criminal illegal alien from Mexico, previously convicted of killing a person in a drunk driving accident, re-entered the country only four days after being deported upon his release from prison, according to Breitbart.

Over the weekend, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested 66-year-old Luis Escobar Valle moments after he crossed the Rio Grande into Texas. He is now facing new federal charges.

Escobar admitted to agents that he had just entered the country illegally. In fact, he had been deported by federal agents on October 20. A mere four days later he had walked back into Texas.

His deportation had come after Escobar had served six years of a 10-year sentence in prison for intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle in 1999. It is unclear why Escobar served only a portion of that sentence before getting deported.

Last Monday morning, Escobar appeared before U.S. District Judge Peter Ormsby, who ordered that he be held without bond after determining that there were no conditions that would guarantee that Escobar would be present in court for subsequent hearings. The court formally charged Escobar with a felony count of illegal re-entry, as Breitbart notes. 

The area where federal agents arrested Escobar is just north of the border city of Reynosa, through which Mexican drug cartels have funneled hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country.