Ibrahim on CBN: Obama's Foreign Policy Empowers Jihadis, Kills Christians

With friends like Obama, Mideast Christians don’t need enemies.

CBN News recently interviewed Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the Horowitz Freedom Center, about his recent article "How U.S. Foreign Policy Made 2015 the 'Worst Year in Modern History for Christian Persecution.'" An excerpt from that article:

Globally empowering forces hostile to Christians is synonymous with globally empowering forces hostile to America. Those Muslims who hate and persecute Christians also hate, and seek to persecute, Americans for exactly the same reason: Westerners all are hated non-Muslim infidels.

In short, the primary achievement of U.S. foreign policies in Muslim nations — apart from wasted American blood and treasure — is the unprecedented rise of Islamic forces bent on destroying America.

Check out the important five-minute video interview above.

From FrontPage Mag