'I Hate Jews' Carved into Bathroom at East Carolina Univ.

A second anti-Semitic incident on the campus of ECU

Days after two East Carolina University students were arrested for spray-painting a swastika on the apartment door on an ECU Jewish student, the phrase 'I hate Jews' was found carved into the wall of a campus dormitory. According to the campus paper The East Carolinian:

Hall staff reported to the ECU Police Department that an inappropriate phrase was written on a bathroom wall in the Fletcher residence hall. The incident happened over a weekend, so less students were in the dorm and not aware of the damage.

The sentence said, “I hate Jews,” and has caused Chancellor Steve Ballard to send out a memorandum about the environment at ECU.

“East Carolina University is deeply committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for learning and living. This is not optional,” said Ballard in the memorandum.

According to the Chancellor, ECU has a zero tolerance policy for behaviors and actions that violate the principles of civility and inclusion.

In response to the inappropriate sentence that was written, the University has removed the sentence by melting the panel to eliminate the scratched surface.

The AMCHA Initiative, which monitors campus anti-Semitism, gave Chancellor Ballard's memorandum a "thumbs down" because the "Memo does not mention the word “antisemitism” or describe the event whatsoever."