Hugh Hewitt Slams Paul Ryan For Reduction of Benefits For Military Vets

"The House GOP steps up and says the only group that we are going to force to pay for their own readiness will be the active duty military"

On his Tuesday night radio program, Hugh Hewitt confronted House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) for singling out those in uniform today or those who retired after 20+ years of military service as the only ones in government to have their retirements cut in the latest budget deal.

When the budget deal was announced late last year it included a 1% reduction in the annual cost-of-living adjustments in the pensions for all military veterans or their survivors who are younger than 62 years old. Although Americans were told this reduction would be "fixed" after the New Year, the omnibus bill announced Monday only restored the cuts for disabled veterans but not for all of the heroes who were promised these benefits before they put their lives on the line.

Hewitt began the segment by stating he had "never before been ashamed" of being a GOPer. Ryan responded by saying that nobody deserved more support than our men and women in uniform. He explained that there were three big problems facing the military today; the Obama budget and the defense sequester. Each cut about $500 billion from the budget, and military pay and benefits are consuming a bigger part of the defense budget in recent years. 

The radio host rejected Rep. Ryan's points totally. Hewitt pointed out that the military was the first and only group to take a cut in this budget. 

Some of these men and women in the thirteen years we have been at war have been deployed  six, seven, eight, times have missed dozens of Christmases, birthdays and birth of their child, and the Congress steps up, the House GOP steps up and says the only group that we are going to force to pay for their own readiness will be the active duty military. Because I heard you say very clearly, we need to maintain readiness so in order to get them the jet fuel they need to fly off the aircraft carriers, or the bullets they need to train, or the camouflage they need to move around at night, we have to cut their future retirement.  

This will destroy retention, it will destroy morale, and it is deeply unfair to the American military which has sacrificed more than anyone else, and you guys put them first. And now you are rushing it through so the people who are outraged like me cannot get on the phones at 202-225-3121 and encourage the House Republican Caucus to absolutely reject this deal.

There is much more to this interview, including Hugh Hewitt demanding that Ryan vote no.