HuffPo Wants to Correct the Definition of 'Jihad'

Five Muslims explain what it "really means."

ISIS has struck again. This time in Brussels. Thankfully, The Huffington Post recently released a video asking five Muslims "to explain what 'jihad' really means." Keep this clarified definition in mind during news reports of the latest ISIS bombs that destroyed the Brussels Airport terminal, killing dozens.

Sitting with a handful of hand-picked young Muslims, including two editors at the outlet, an imam, and a comedian, HuffPo asked for their reactions to simply hearing the term "jihad." Here is what some of them said:

"When I first hear the word, I get defensive. I'm like, 'No, no it's not what you think!'"

"I just… I sort of seize up." 

"It's kind of upsetting"

"A very grossly misunderstood, misrepresented term."

Then they were asked what the public perceives the word "jihad" to mean:

"It's always paired with images of suicide bombers, and war, and…"

"Large terrorist acts."

"Essentially a harnessing of narratives of the other, that we can turn into whatever we want to."

"It's a Muslim's duty to go and start killing people, and it's like, that's not what it's about at all."

The Muslim comedian suggest googling "jihad" to find out its "true" meaning. He then explained that "all that it really means" is "to struggle." Another said "jihad" is "a process where an individual takes on themselves" in order to deal "with their own internal vices."

"The fight against the human tendency for selfishness," a female Muslim added. While others said, "Jihad, mostly, was a spiritual thing," and, "The struggle to be a better person, to be a better Muslim."

To further "clarify" what it really means, one of the Muslim comedians quipped:

"Yo, it was a total jihad to get that girl's phone number!"

HuffPo hopes this video will "help end the misconception." Tell that to the victims of Islamic terrorism who find out in many horrible ways how ISIS and other Muslim terror groups define "jihad" -- which generally means causing as much bloodshed as possible and celebrating the deaths of the infidels afterwards.

Watch below:


The Real Meaning Of Jihad

We asked five Muslims to explain what "jihad" really means.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Monday, March 21, 2016