House of Cards Star Lashes Out At Trump

Says no candidate strong enough on gun control.

He plays a devious backroom player on the Netflix political drama House of Cards, but Michael Kelly tells CNN that this year's primary season is well beyond anything the show's writers could have dreamed up.

This season the show is focused on a Democratic primary that sees the main character Frank Underwood go up against a self-financed woman looking to unseat him, but Kelly says truth is stranger than fiction:

"I watched the GOP debate ... and it was madness. I was blown away," Kelly said, referring to a recent GOP debate on Fox News. "And I keep thinking to myself: Wow, if Beau Willimon and the writing staff had a character like Donald Trump on our show -- if we had put a character out there, not named him Donald Trump, and that was someone who was legitimately running for office on our show, I think people would accuse us of jumping the shark."

Kelly said that while he does not think that Trump will become president, he hopes that he doesn't have to "eat those words one day."

"[Trump becoming president] worries the hell out of me because he's displayed this short fuse," Kelly said. "If he doesn't like something he's going to yell or he's going to be belittle someone or he's going to make demeaning remarks to different races, to women, to whoever he's disagrees with. Imagine that scenario playing out around the world."

Kelly is a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton calling her a "proven leader" and while he says he likes many of the ideas put out by Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator's stand on gun control is not strong enough, according to the actor.