Hotels Not Offering Bibles Due to Millennial PC Culture

"Religious books don’t fit the personality of the brands."

In the latest nod to PC culture, certain Marriott brand hotels will not offer Bibles in their rooms, the L.A. Times reports

While Marriott International supplies a Bible and Book of Mormon in every other hotel in their franchise, their millennial-geared Moxy and Edition hotels will be free of religious literature. 

"It’s because the religious books don’t fit the personality of the brands," Marriott spokeswoman Felicia Farrar McLemore said in the article, explaining the millennial focus. 

Marriott’s sentiments echo a recent Religious Landscape Study that found U.S. millennials are far less religious than previous generations. 

Other hotels are dropping religious materials from their rooms at a substantial rate, according to a recent survey by hospitality analytics company STR, cited by the Times

In 2006, 95% of hotels offered religious materials while in 2016 that number has dropped to 48 percent. 

Industry experts cite millennials as part of the reason for the decrease, as well as avoiding offense to international travelers like Buddhists and Muslims. Also, some hotel rooms now have shelves instead of bedside nightstands, so hotels don’t feel comfortable displaying the religious books more prominently. 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is one atheist group that succeeded this year in getting Bibles removed from hotels, specifically those owned by Arizona State University.