Hot Mic: Clinton on Christie Backing Trump

"Did he have a debt?"

Hillary Clinton was caught on a hot mic on Monday speculating as to why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided to back Donald Trump for president. The incident, caught during a commercial break during an MSNBC Townhall, was shared with The Washington Post.

"He is a dangerous presence," Clinton said of Donald Trump as Matthews noted that MSNBC has a progressive audience but that people still like to watch him.

The pair discussed the unfortunate decision to have Trump and Christie in wing-back chairs, not flattering for either man, as Matthews noted that wing-backs are the enemy of overweight men.

"Why would he support him?" Clinton asked.

"They all want their future," Matthews said as he started to discuss a potential future shakeup of New Jersey politics.

"Did he have a debt?" Clinton asked about Christie's decision to back Trump.

Matthews did not engage with Clinton on the question and continued to discuss New Jersey politics and who is seeking which office, a game of chess that has yet to fully play out.

Christie dropped out of the race to be the GOP nominee after a dismal showing in New Hampshire.