Horowitz to Conservatives: Stop Being Nice, This Is a Street Fight

"Republicans have to get in their faces."

It's time conservatives stop using good manners with liberals and fight back, author David Horowitz told a crowd in Birmingham, Alabama, on Tuesday night.

The son of radical Communists told a group of more than 100 at a Fixed Point Foundation talk that he was "sent to conservatives to teach them bad manners. Stop being so nice."

Horowitz, author of The New York Times' bestseller Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America, urged those in attendance to follow Trump's example and take on liberal Democrats in the public arena with the same tactics they use against conservatives.

"This is a war; this is a street fight," he said. "Republicans have to get in their faces."

In an interview with Newsmax after the event, Horowitz called the protests on college campuses shutting down himself and other conservative speakers "incipient fascism," which is growing. "It's very dangerous," he said.

Horowitz spent his early years following in his parents' footsteps, but rejected Marxism in the 1970s, eventually coming out as a conservative when he supported Ronald Reagan's re-election in 1984.

"The Democratic Party today is a party of hate," not of ideas, he said, saying his statement was exemplified by the "character assassination" of Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearings.

The Birmingham crowd was familiar with the former Alabama senator's record, as were the Democratic senators who had served with him, in some cases for decades, Horowitz said.

He called Sessions, "the most decent human being I know," but noted that during the hearings, "Democrat after Democrat, with their leader Chuck Schumer, called him a racist."

It was the "most disgraceful thing since the 'high-tech lynching' of [Supreme Court Justice] Clarence Thomas," Horowitz said.

Democrats see themselves as the "secret redeemers" of the imperfect world, he said, though they now prefer the term "social justice warriors" over "communists."

"They see themselves as the party of the saints — and us as the party of the devil."

When Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a liar during the presidential election it was a breath of fresh air, Horowitz said. "No other Republican in Christendom would have said that.

"Before Donald Trump, a debate between Democrats and Republicans was like Godzilla vs. Bambi," he said.

Conservatives across the board need to follow that lead, he said.

"If people with Judeo-Christian values don't get involved with the culture," he said, "I fear the future will be dark."

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