Hollywood Writer's Group Slams Obama's FCC End-Run Around Congress

"The internet belongs to everyone. If it needs fixing, that’s a job for Congress."

It's unusual for a group of Hollywood writers, directors and producers to openly criticize the Obama Administration on anything. Even more unusual for the basis of the criticism to be the administration's habit of writing laws through regulators rather than the proper, constitutional method: through elected members of Congress.

The Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors, An Alliance of Television & New Media Content Creators, did just that today in an open letter slamming the FCC's recent moves to interfere with Internet content delivery under the guise of "Net Neutrality."

The statement, obtained exclusively by Truth Revolt, specifically calls on Congress to re-assert its Constitutional role in writing laws that would have such an enormous impact on how citizens receive content on the Internet and potentially in the way content is created or censored by large Internet providers:  

The internet, that extraordinary and seamless enterprise that has served us all so well and upon which depends the future of commerce, communication and entertainment is to be arbitrarily adulterated by a handful of bureaucrats: five unelected members of the Federal Communications Commission who seem sure that while the internet isn’t broken and in fact works with brilliant efficiency, it will not survive unless they fix it. This authority has not been directly delegated to them by Congress but they’re quite certain it is within their jurisdiction anyway. 

The statement goes on to criticizes the FCC for writing laws rather than acting as regulators and employs blistering language such as "unchecked authority of administrators." This is language Ted Cruz or Rand Paul could use in a floor speech in the Senate, but it's coming from a group of Hollywood artists: 

We appeal to members of Congress in both the House and the Senate — indeed, all Americans — to speak up now and prevent government by dictatorial regulation. We urge you to join with us in letting our elected representatives know that we will no longer accept the unchecked authority of administrators and regulators reaching beyond their jurisdiction. 

Read the entire statement here: