Hollywood Hypocrites Cheer Assault on Free Speech at Chicago Rally, Blames Trump

Just wait until the tables are turned and it's their free speech under siege.

Left-wing hypocrisy is breathtaking in its scope and detachment from reality. 

In the wake of riotous protestors shutting down free speech at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago on Friday, Hollywood celebrities have taken to the airwaves to share their unsolicited two-cents.

Predictably, these usual suspects wholeheartedly supported the assault on free speech and placed the blame at Trump's door. 

Music mogul Russell Simmons led the fray -- ironically, considering he heads Def Jam records - a label that has signed a myriad rap artists who frequently come under fire for their explicit lyrics and who must often fight censorship themselves. 

It is perfectly fine to disagree with Donald Trump and find his views repugnant. It is equally fine to protest peacefully through words and deeds, particularly at the ballot box. But that is not what happened in Chicago. What happened in Chicago was an organized mob threatening and intimidating and shutting down someone else's right to speak and be heard. It is un-American and anyone in the entertainment industry should think twice about the ramifications it might have on them and their industry were the tables turned.