Hollywood Billboards Hijacked: ‘Oscar for Biggest Pedophile Goes To…’

Sabo's work gets better and better.

The conservative street artist known as Sabo has struck again in Hollywood days before the Academy Awards broadcast. This time, he has covered three large billboards around town in Oscar-themed red tarps with stinging messages about the hypocrisy over the sex abuse scandals plaguing the film industry.

The signage style is based on one of the films to be nominated this weekend called Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The Hollywood Reporter describes the plot of the movie:

In the film, Frances McDormand plays the mom of a raped and murdered daughter who posts billboards with angry messages aimed at the cops in her small town because she thinks they have not done enough to pursue whoever assaulted and killed her daughter. “Still no arrests?” reads one of the billboards in the film — with black letters on a solid red background.

Sabo chose billboard locations near the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars will be held on Sunday and even stylized their placement from the film. The three signs, some measuring 48 feet wide and 14 feet high, state:

“And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to…”

“Name names on stage or shut the hell up!”

“We all knew and still no arrests.”

Sabo posted on Twitter that the stunt cost him $3,000. But he doesn’t appear bothered at all and boasted, “Riding Hollywood’s ass one billboard at a time.”