Holder: I Cleaned Up Bush’s Politicized Justice Dept…

Self-described "activist" AG says he's rid the department of politicking

In a press conference Wednesday, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder said that, despite what his critics say, during his tenure he’s successfully de-politicized the Department of Justice after it had been corrupted by the Bush administration.

During his remarks, Holder took another jab at Republicans for arguing that attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch is effectively Holder Part 2. Via the Washington Times:

Attorney General Eric Holder refuted Republicans who said the Justice Department, under his leadership, had become little more than a political machine to push liberal causes — and said that he’s actually cleaned up all the politicking that had taken place under the former Bush administration.

In a press conference that began with his personal introduction — “For the record, I am Eric Holder” — the exiting agency head took shots at critics who suggested that nominee Loretta Lynch was his mirror image, and those who said the Justice Department was too political.

Despite Holder's anti-political claims, he openly prides himself on being an "activist" attorney general, and his political causes unsurprisingly always seem to align perfectly with those of the White House. 

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