Is History on Bernie's Side?

States he has won are more likely to predict the winner.

Hillary Clinton is ahead of her rival Bernie Sanders in the presidential race by every measure there is -- delegates, states won, and polling numbers -- but history may be on the side of Bernie Sanders, reports Bloomberg Politics.

Hillary Clinton has so far won more states (18 versus 14) and amassed more pledged delegates (1,243 versus 975, per our delegate tracker) than Bernie Sanders, yet history favors the Vermont senator's grassroots campaign. The states he's won so far have correctly predicted the eventual Democratic nominee 65 percent of the time on average since 1968, according to a study of Federal Election Commission data by American University’s online analytics master’s program. That compares to 61 percent on average for states in Clinton's column.

According to Bloomberg, the victories Sanders picked up on the weekend only help his case. Idaho has a 75% track record in picking the winner of the party's nominee while Washington and Hawaii have 71% track records.

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