Hillary's 'We Made History' Photo a Lie

"Guess you didn't get the memo…"

Hillary Clinton blew it big time when she grabbed a stock audience photo from the Democratic National Convention and used it to declare she had made history, becoming the first female nominee for president in a major political party.

She plastered the pic of this woman, surrounded by Hillary signs and crying, on social media:

But there's just one problem: the woman in the picture was crying because she is a die-hard supporter of Bernie Sanders, proving Hillary will use anything to color the narrative she desires.

Thankfully, Nida Allam, who appears to be pro-immigration and pro-Palestine, called the Democratic nominee out for misappropriating her photo for political gain:

Others jumped to Allam's defense, one a star of the film Divergent:

Woodley continued her ire in other Twitter posts, complaining of how easy it was for the DNC to "breed false narratives."

For her Twitter gaffe, Clinton was taken to task:




H/T IJ Review

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