Hillary's Social Media Campaign Toppled by Young Black Republican


Markeece Young, known by his Twitter handle @YoungBLKRepub, is a 19-year-old self-confessed "Democrat-turned-Conservative" who single-handedly took down the social media campaign of Hillary Clinton's bid for president.

Young created the hashtag #WhyImNotVotingForHillary on Twitter, which quickly rose above "Hillary Clinton" as the number-one trend in America.

CNN's Brain Stelter posted the results:



Young reveled in his newfound fame and revealed that the Clinton camp paid to strike back:



TopRightNews.com reported that a CNN contributor claimed that #Hillary2016 began to appear on the trending list only after campaign consultants began "spending megabucks to make it trend." 







Young's hashtag not only brought out various reasons why one should not vote for Hillary, but also some creative new unofficial redesigns of the campaign's "H" logo:











Although support for Young has been overwhelming, the young man was also attacked for being an Uncle Tom and was chastised for creating a "sexist" hashtag.