Hillary's Libya: Number of ISIS Fighters in Beleaguered Country Doubles

It's now the largest ISIS branch outside Iraq and Syria.

Fans of Hillary Clinton consistently cite the Democrat frontrunner's tremendous "experience" and success as Secretary of State. They conveniently leave out the fact that Hillary's Libya has doubled its number of ISIS militants and now boasts the largest ISIS branch outside Iraq and Syria. 

The Associated Press reports that a US commander for Africa said the number of ISIS militants in Libya has doubled in the last year to roughly 6,000:

Army Gen. David Rodriguez heads US Africa Command. Rodriquez said local militias in Libya have had some success in trying to stop the Islamic State from growing in Benghazi and are battling the group in Sabratha. But he said decisions to provide more military assistance will wait for a national government.

The latest numbers for IS in Libya make it the largest Islamic State branch of eight that the militant group operates outside Iraq and Syria, according to US defense officials. The officials were not authorized to provide details of the group and spoke only on condition of anonymity.

The US has conducted two airstrikes in Libya in recent months targeting Islamic State fighters and leaders, but Rodriguez said that those are limited to militants that pose an “imminent” threat to US interests. He said it’s possible the US could do more as the government there takes shape.

The US and its allies are hoping that a UN-brokered unity government will be able to bring the warring factions together and end the chaos there, which has helped fuel the growth of the Islamic State. The US and European allies would like the new government to eventually work with them against IS.

While Rodriguez claims there is an insurgent effort among Libyans to fight off ISIS militants, their efforts have not worked very well. 

"It’s uneven and it’s not consistent across the board," Rodriguez told reporters at a Pentagon briefing. "We’ll have to see how the situation develops, but they [Libyan rebels] are contesting the growth of ISIS in several areas across Libya, not all of it."

With then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the helm, the Obama administration dismantled the Middle East and Maghreb, rendering it more volatile and ripe for extremism than ever before.