Hillary's Failed SoS Policies Displaced 30 Million Children

Makes NO statement on World Refugee Day

According to America Rising PAC, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton failed to speak up for displaced peoples for the recent World Refugee Day, even though while secretary of state, nearly 60 million people were forcibly removed from their homes and communities.

As reported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and featured by Daniel Wiser at The Washington Free Beacon, more than half of that number are children -- some 30 million. The areas hardest hit by the end of 2014 were Europe, the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa. As Wiser notes, all areas where Clinton faced some of her worst criticisms for failed foreign policies.

In a statement to the Beacon, America Rising's executive director said, "Secretary Clinton’s silence on World Refugee Day was extremely telling. Under her failed leadership at the State Department, the world became less stable and more dangerous, and her policies led to the global unrest that has contributed to the number of refugees reaching record levels.”

The chaos in Syria and the country's civil war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions -- "an average of 42,500 people were displaced each day of last year," states the Beacon. Clinton considered Syrian President Bashar al-Asaad a "reformer" and didn't advise the U.S. to become involved, even when he used chemical weapons on his own people.

The rise of ISIS, a group Clinton and President Obama sorely underestimated and did nothing, have displaced over three million Iraqis.

Critics also point to Clinton's infamous "reset button" she gifted to Russia foreign minister Sergei Lavrov calling it a "misguided move," though she claimed it worked. The Ukraine has suffered more than a million displaced citizens.

While secretary, Clinton refused to label Boko Haram a terrorist organization and the best the White House could do was start a hashtag campaign with Michelle Obama asking to #BringBackOurGirls. At least 800,000 children were forced out of their homes in Nigeria, many were killed, or subjected to torture and slavery. It is stated in the report that a Nigerian donor to the Clinton Foundation has been cited as one reason why she was less than willing to call out the atrocities in that country.

The Clintons continue to deny their legacy of failures, but honestly, what difference does it make at this point anyway? Read the full report here.