Hillary's Book Signing Rules, Regulations, Advisories, and Warnings

This is how you Hillary

On Tuesday morning, Hillary Clinton kicked off her book tour promoting new release "Hard Choices", Hillary's "I'm running for President" tome that is all the buzz this week. One of the first folks in line for a signed copy was Maggie Haberman of Politico, who tweeted the list of guidelines handed out by handlers for those waiting. Haberman tweeted a picture of those rules.

Use the bathroom before getting in line because you will lose your place. If this were a polling place Ed Schultz would call it racist disenfranchisement. 

But of course, those are not the only strictures placed upon those who would stand before poor, broke Hillary. Truth Revolt has exclusively obtained the second page of the instructional guidelines and we bring them to you now.

Wow. They are not messing around. We recommend you change your dress, go to the bathroom, and for Pete's sake put some goggles on. It's Clinton time!