Hillary Told Benghazi Victim's Grieving Sister to Feel Sad for Libyans

Everyone raise your hands for a collective facepalm. And... go.

Kate Quigley, sister of Benghazi victim and CIA contractor Glen Doherty, spoke with Anderson Cooper Friday, telling the CNN host the most audacious thing Hillary Clinton told her while she was mourning the days-old-death of her dear brother: you should be feeling sad for the Libyans.

"I met her when we were at Andrews Air Force Base," Quigley recalled. "And you know, she spoke to my family about how sad we should feel for the Libyan people because they're uneducated, and that breeds fear, which breeds violence and leads to protest.”

***To bring everyone up to speed: Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2016. Yes, the same person who told a grieving sister to feel sorrow for the people who killed her brother. Now back to the story.***

Clinton's words of "comfort" quickly caused guilt to flow forth in the family of Doherty, at least at first. It was only later that Clinton's true character, revealed in that very moment, became clear:

You know, I remember thinking at the time, 'Wow, how selfish of me! I never really thought about the Libyan people, I've been so consumed with my own grief and loss and concern.' When I think back now to that day and what she knew, it shows me a lot about her character that she would choose in that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue.

Cooper, a Clinton Foundation member, was at least able to recognize the absurdity in such a statement admitting, "It seems an odd thing to even bring up in that moment, which is a moment, obviously, of extreme grief for you and your family. I mean, it seems like something she didn't even necessarily need to go down that road."

"Yeah, it was very strange," Quigley agreed. "I thought about it and I never spoke about it for a long time."

And the pervasive narrative surrounding the attack in 2012  -- that YouTube video mocking Islam's prophet Muhammed -- was even present when Doherty was laid to rest, a full eight days after Quigley met with Clinton. She explains that at her brother's funeral, the priest's eulogy made reference to the religiously-charged video as leading to the man's death.

It was at the same time that Clinton met and embraced the father of the slain Navy SEAL, Ty Woods, and made him a promise to bring justice to the filmmaker responsible for causing the "spontaneous protest" that killed his son, even though she knew the truth about the planned terrorist attack.

So imagine, if you will, a President Hillary Clinton standing before the American people, moments after a terrorist attack against America, and telling them to save a little grief for the poor, fearful, uneducated terrorists who didn't mean to fly planes into buildings.

Video of Quigley speaking with Cooper below: