Hillary Takes Credit for Iran Deal, Pledges Support for Israel

"America’s commitment to Israel’s security will not waver.”

Hillary Clinton claimed at least partial credit for the current accord with Iran at a dinner Wednesday night, though admitted some skepticism over the country's ultimate motives and willingness to follow through. Knowing that many perceive the deal as anti-Israel, Hillary assured the Jewish audience that "America's commitment to Israel's security will not waiver."

According to an article published Thursday by Politico​, Clinton spoke at an American Jewish Congress event in Manhattan, and presented her time in the State Department as one that was "a progenitor of sanctions that led to current nuclear-freeze discussions with Iran."

In the speech, one of the first open discussions about her time in the State Department, Clinton tried to play it both ways:

Clinton said that the Obama administration has stressed that “no deal is better than a bad deal,” adding, “We should not accept any deal that is not verifiable. … I am also personally skeptical that the Iranians [will] follow through and deliver” on what is being discussed.

But Clinton also noted, in explaining her letter to Senator Carl Levin, which detailed her view that unilateral sanctions by Congress would undermine the Iranian agreement, that she is prepared to heighten penalties if her skepticism over Iran's motives proves to be well founded:

“We want to give space for diplomacy to work — if it does not, and there has to be a timetable set and enforced — then we can always, and we will, put on additional sanctions,” Clinton said. “America’s commitment to Israel’s security will not waver.”

Many have criticized the deal in the first place as being anti-Israel, a view advocated at the dinner by host, and Clinton donor Jack Rosen.