Hillary IT Staffer Pleads 5th Amendment 125+ Times

"...a sad day for government transparency.”

A Fox News source said that Bryan Pagliano, the IT staffer under scrutiny by the FBI in the Hillary Clinton homebrewed e-mail server affair, pleaded the 5th Amendment more than 125 times in a deposition for Judicial Watch on Wednesday. The source also said that Pagliano was using an index card to read the statement, "and read the same crafted statement each time."

Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano invoked the Fifth more than 125 times during a 90-minute, closed-door deposition Wednesday with the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, a source with the group told Fox News.

“It was a sad day for government transparency,” the Judicial Watch official said.

Pagliano was in charge of setting up Clinton's personal email server which she used to conduct State Department business.

He was deposed as part of Judicial Watch's lawsuit seeking Clinton emails and other records. A federal judge granted discovery, in turn allowing the depositions, which is highly unusual in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. The judge cited "reasonable suspicion" Clinton and her aides were trying to avoid federal records law. 

Pagliano has an immunity deal with the government, although the details are under seal.