Hillary Coughing Fit: Again

At 68, Clinton is six years younger than Sanders and yet her health is the one in question.

Hillary Clinton's health is raising questions again after a coughing fit that lasted nearly three minutes during a speech in New York on Tuesday.

Clinton was giving a speech at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York when her voice gave out and she struggled for several minutes, alternating between coughing and drinking water before regaining composure.

The fragile health of the former first lady and secretary of state has been raised on the campaign trail in the past, well-documented even by the likes of Huffington Post. While Clinton has dismissed the questions about her health as nothing more than a Fox News rumor and perhaps a "vast right wing conspiracy," the fact is that her bizarre coughing fits do raise questions.

At age 68, turning 69 this October, Clinton is six years younger than her main challenger Bernie Sanders and yet her health is the one in question.

Karl Rove has been raising questions about Hillary's health since at least 2014 when he mentioned her fall and concussion on Fox News. In December 2012 Clinton fell at home and suffered a concussion; subsequent exams discovered blood clots. Since then Clinton has been treated with blood thinners but it is her recent spate of coughing fits, like the one in the video above, that is beginning to raise the health question once again.