Hillary Clinton: We're Gonna Put a Lot of Coal Miners Out of Business

Not sure that's how you land the working and middle class vote.

Personal politics aside, it's hard to argue that, at a fundamental level, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton hasn't always struggled with connecting to the working and middle class. And remarks made this weekend in America's heartland are only going to drive that very point home.

During CNN’s Democrat townhall in Ohio on Sunday, Hillary Clinton mirrored the Obama administration's anti-coal stance and said she intends to hit the industry and its workers hard. 

Clinton declared that if president, she would "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business." 

Could a candidate for president be more out of touch? And to say such things in a coal-mining state!

Now hard-working Americans who comprise the workforce of this already beleaguered industry -- and all similar industries, really -- can see how truly expendable they are to the Democrat frontrunner.




(h/t: WeaselZippers)