Hillary Clinton Shirks Responsibility: Benghazi Was 'Not My Ball to Carry'

Besides, this whole Benghazi kerfluffle is nothing but a Republican-led political ploy.

During her interview with running mate Tim Kaine on 60 Minutes Sunday, Hillary Clinton alleged that she is being subjected to an unfair double standard. She also shirked responsibility for failing to help Americans besieged in Benghazi, saying it "wasn't my ball to carry."

Clinton reiterated that "nine separate investigations" did not find her "culpable" for the debacle in Benghazi. She also contradicted herself during the interview. Clinton said she "took responsibility" for the Benghazi attack because she "was Secretary of State" at the time, but then said the decisions that could have resulted in saving the victims' lives was "not her responsibility." 

"So when this happened in Benghazi, I immediately stood up an independent committee -- distinguished Americans, military and civilian experts. They came out and they said, 'You know, the ball was dropped' -- in security. And, you know, some of the decisions that were made, probably should have been rethought."

"It was not my ball to carry. … Those [security reports] never reached me. Those never came to my attention." 

She then said that scrutiny of her role in Benghazi is a Republican political ploy. 

The interview segment is featured above.